SINOHERS to Showcase at the 2024 Japan Smart Energy Week


From February 28 to March 1, 2024, the highly anticipated 2024 Japan Smart Energy Week Exhibition will take place in Tokyo. As a hydrogen technology company specializing in high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology, SINOHERS is honored to participate with booth number W3-67.


SINOHERS will showcase products related to high-temperature PEM fuel cell technology at the exhibition, including high-temperature proton exchange membranes, membrane electrodes, stacks, and 5kW power generation system modules. Of note, this exhibition will focus on recommending SINOHERS’ high-temperature membrane fuel cell cogeneration products. These products use methanol as fuel, producing 220V/380V AC electricity and 50-85°C hot water after operation, with the flexibility of both grid-connected and off-grid operation. It is an ideal choice for the next generation of cogeneration products and represents a low-carbon and eco-friendly cogeneration method.


During the exhibition, we sincerely invite interested domestic and international companies and partners to visit booth W3-67 for collaboration and exchange. With excitement and anticipation, we look forward to sharing and discussing the future path of green energy and sustainable development with elites from various fields.