5kW Methanol Reforming  HT-PEMFC Power  Generation Module
Products5kW Methanol Reforming HT-PEMFC Power Generation Module

5kW Methanol Reforming HT-PEMFC Power Generation Module

Hydrogen energy is produced and used immediately

The methanol reforming high-temperature membrane fuel cell power generation system uses hydrogen-rich reformate gas produced from methanol reforming as the direct fuel for high-temperature membrane fuel cell technology. It typically comprises a methanol reforming system and a high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack. The advantage of this technology is that it can utilize the high energy efficiency, strong anti-poisoning capability, and simplified water-heat management of the high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack. At the same time, it uses cheap and high-quality methanol as a hydrogen-rich carrier for direct energy utilization, allowing for immediate use without the need for purification, thus avoiding the high-pressure hazards in pure hydrogen storage, safety risks in transportation, and high usage costs. Compared to direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), it meets the requirements for high-power generation in automobiles and ships, overcoming the low power density and methanol crossover technical challenges of DMFC.

Product Features

  • Electrical efficiency ≥42%, comprehensive thermal efficiency greater than 90%.


  • Compact single module design, capable of being scaled up through system stacking to form high-power products.


  • Uses methanol as fuel (reforming methanol into hydrogen-rich gas), offering high energy density.


  • Wide application range, suitable for electricity generation, combined heat and power, range extender systems, etc.


  • High safety level, with hydrogen produced and used on-demand, eliminating the need for storage and associated safety concerns.


Technical Specifications

Rated power output(kW)3.5
Peak power output(kW)5
Power generation efficiency(%)≥42
System efficiency(%)≥90
Size L*W*H(mm)699*455*266
Fuel60%methanol 40%water
Working conditions(℃)-50~50


Serving as the core component of product

  • Power Generation

  • Range Extender Technology

  • Marine Power Supply

  • CHP

  • Hydropower Cogeneration